Author: Andrew Neerdaels

New Collaboration with Inked Gaming and ZU Studios

  Dimensional Branding Group is incredibly excited to announce a new licensing deal between ZU Studios and Inked Gaming. ZU Studios is based out of California and headed by Josh Bakken. Their increasingly popular game ZU Tiles: Hime is a strategic tile-placement game based loosely on the creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. Think Collectable Card Game meets Dominoes but with stunning anime-inspired art and super fun tile interactions. “Working with ZU Studios, we have had the privilege to see their […] Read More

Introducing LAI

Here at Dimensional Branding Group, we are stoked to introduce our newest client LAI Games! In a quote from Tabor the VP of Marketing for LAI “We’ve been approached to license our IP in the past, but our core focus on arcade game development and sales kept us from pursuing projects due to the time involved in managing those opportunities.  We are so excited to have DBG represent us to expand the LAI Games brand into the consumer market.” The […] Read More

To keep it light and fluffy this month we want to share our Top 10 Favorite Holiday Brands

Happy HolIDAYS! The holidays are a time for getting together with family and friends – expressing gratitude, quality time, food, and more food. In the spirit of this holiday, we want to thank all of our friends, connections, acquaintances, and anyone reading this- thank you for being a part of our community and safe travels this holiday season! our Top 10 Favorite holiday Brands   Butterball Turkey In my opinion, we do not see enough butterball-licensed products. This iconic […] Read More

Spooky Marketing Tactics and Tech

There have been some amazing technological developments celebrated by everyone over the last few years. On the flip side, there are some cutting-edge technologies being implemented today that we don’t hear about (probably intentionally). In honor of spooky season, I’m going to share with you some not-so-well-known creepy tactics of marketing. We have all experienced a moment of “WTF” when an advertisement for a product you talked about earlier that day shows up as you scroll through your phone. That […] Read More

What’s Your Passion Fine Jewelry to Work with Tasty Peach

DBG is delighted to announce a new licensing agreement with Tasty Peach and What’s Your Passion Jewelry. This agreement will turn the universe of Tasty Peach characters into stunning fine jewelry, pins, and ornaments. Originally founded in 2007, Tasty Peach has grown through grassroots marketing across social media, maker platforms, and fan conventions nationwide. Originally launched at retail in Hot Topic, Piq, and independent comic and anime stores, their licensing program includes partnerships with Aurora, Funko, Goodie Two Sleeves, Bare Tree Media, Atomic Toybox Entertainment, […] Read More

NFTs beyond digital art

NFTs are here and they will not be going away any time soon. By now I’m sure you have some rough idea what they are and, if you are like me, are still in disbelief that JPGs are selling for millions of dollars.  Is that all NFTs are? This is the question that has been nagging at me ever since watching License Global’s WTF NFT with speakers Trevor George, Zach Bruch, Cuy Sheffield, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary was the one […] Read More