Services & Processes

We are a Comprehensive licensing management services that leverage and grow brand equity.

We will work with you to analyze the current state of your brand along with your vision to align on your brand essence.



Licensing and Retail Strategy and Execution - Brand Equity Analysis - Licensing Negotiations - Category Development - Securing Licenses - Product Approvals - Retailer Relationships - Royalty Collection and Tracking - Communications



Brand Strategy - Brand Equity Analysis - Style Guide Development - Product Collections - Coordinated Product Launches

our process:

1 Discovery

Identify client objectives
Conduct audit and analysis
Define opportunity attributes

2 Strategy

Develop Framework & plan
identify targets & tactics
conduct category Analysis

3 Execution

Solicit and structure agreement
Supervise product retail development
Support marketing initiatives

4 Management

Manage project deliverables
Oversee contract compliance
Report results and/or royalties

Founded in 2000, we are a boutique licensing brand development agency. Our hands-on approach will make you feel like we are a part of your team. We provide both licensing-in and-out services with a focus on entertainment and character brands.

We’re Part of the amusement products and services Division of the village companies

The Amusement Products and Services Division encompasses Bay Tek Entertainment and Dimensional Branding Group. These companies cover all things amusement and entertainment, from redemption arcade games to toys, apparel, games, and an app to bring home prizes won in family entertainment centers and digital games worldwide. Dimensional Branding Group is the brand extension and licensing company that manages inbound and outbound licensing for Bay Tek Entertainment while managing a select group of clients in the amusement, entertainment, and character space.

We’re Part of a Village of Companies

The Village Companies are a family of companies whose people are obsessed with a belief that by acting together, they can and will achieve more. Our Village encompasses and owns a diverse group of various companies in three complementary competencies; manufacturing, innovation, and community service. Combining each of these market focuses allows us to have a unique perspective and group of resources to develop innovative solutions, products, and experiences that few others can even dream of offering. To that end, these are the four guiding principles we live by:

To work with people we love and care about.
To create opportunities for the people we love and care about.
To make a difference in the lives of our customers and suppliers.
To run successful businesses so we can give back to the communities we live in and work in.