Dimensional Branding Group is incredibly excited to announce a new licensing deal between ZU Studios and Inked Gaming.

ZU Studios is based out of California and headed by Josh Bakken. Their increasingly popular game ZU Tiles: Hime is a strategic tile-placement game based loosely on the creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. Think Collectable Card Game meets Dominoes but with stunning anime-inspired art and super fun tile interactions.

“Working with ZU Studios, we have had the privilege to see their team conquer adversity, grow, and gain popularity as one of the hottest new board games. It can be challenging to cultivate a licensing program around a new growing brand. This deal is just the start of big things to come for ZU Studios. We could not be more excited to be a part of the journey.” Andrew Neerdaels, Licensing Coordinator at Dimensional Branding Group.

“When I was pitched the idea of working with Inked Gaming it was an instant ‘Yes!’ Just like ZU Studios, Inked Gaming is committed to bringing a fresh, more delightful, and more personal experience to the TCG world. I can’t wait to see the products we create together and the TCG community is not going to want to miss out!” – Josh Bakken Founder and Lead Designer

Inked Gaming is an Oregon-based company. What started in 2011 with Inked Playmats has grown into a robust gaming accessory company. They specialize in game mats, mousepads, sleeves, dice, cards, miniatures, and nearly everything board game related.

“This is the kind of collaboration that we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, and now that the ‘ink’ is dry, the real fun can begin! We would also like to thank Dimensional Branding Group for welcoming us into their board gaming world.” Sarah Berge Director of Marketing and E-commerce.


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