From attending our first Brand Licensing Europe across the pond to TwitchCon in San Diego, the past couple of months have been full of networking, trend spotting, and educational opportunities for DBG. “It can be difficult to understand the huge impact that licensing has in nearly everything we see as a consumer. These shows bring to light how important it is to be up to date on the latest trends and allows us to make meaningful connections face to face.” Andy Neerdaels – Licensing Manager, Dimensional Branding Group.

Licensing Coordinator, Claire Westlund, attended Brand Licensing Europe this past September, “It was an incredible experience being surrounded by industry professionals with such diverse backgrounds in licensing! We had the opportunity to chat face-to-face with some of our partners in Europe and attend seminars led by such influential speakers, it was truly an invaluable opportunity.” Brand Licensing Europe was held in London at the ExCel London convention center, hosting thousands of retailers, buyers, and manufacturers.

From your everyday Twitch game streamer to A-list celebrities, TwitchCon brings the online world to real life. Thousands of gamers and fans gathered in San Diego, California in October where they were able to meet their favorite streamers and participate in live-streamed tournaments. While both Andy and Claire attended Brand Licensing Europe, Andy took on TwitchCon solo to meet up with our favorite streamers and one of our clients, Riss Hodgson of Tasty Peach Studios.

With Licensing Expo in the not-so-distant future, Dimensional Branding Group is starting the planning process for exhibiting and is very excited to be back on the road!