Dimensional Branding Group is eager to announce a new licensing deal between Tasty Peach Studios and Inked Gaming.

Tasty Peach is a collection of Kawaii-inspired artwork, skillfully created and drawn by founder, Riss Hodgson. As a Twitch Streamer and avid gamer, Riss is no stranger to well-coordinated gaming setups and we are looking forward to seeing her community add these loveable designs to their collection.

Based out of Oregon, Inked Gaming has quickly become a large supplier of gaming accessories since its founding in 2011.  From desk mats, dice bags, playmats, and more, Inked Gaming will be bringing these loveable characters to your gaming experience.

“We are so excited to expand our work with Dimension Branding Group to now include Tasty Peach. Their adorable designs fit in perfectly with a growing demand for similar art for mousepads and playmats we have seen recently, and our aligned brand ideals make this deal an absolute homerun!” – Joe Edmunds – Marketing Specialist, Inked Gaming.

Get your very own Tasty Peach gaming accessories here!