Here at Dimensional Branding Group, we are stoked to introduce our newest client LAI Games!

In a quote from Tabor the VP of Marketing for LAI “We’ve been approached to license our IP in the past, but our core focus on arcade game development and sales kept us from pursuing projects due to the time involved in managing those opportunities.  We are so excited to have DBG represent us to expand the LAI Games brand into the consumer market.”

The Leisure & Allied Industries (LAI) group was founded in Perth, Australia in 1958. The initial business was mainly distributing and creating pinball games. However, as time went on LAI placed itself at the cutting edge of the family entertainment center (FEC) market. This FEC focus allowed LAI to expand by founding Timezone. Timezone is today the leading FEC operator in the Australasian region with over 230 entertainment facilities. Over 50 years later and LAI is still existing at the cutting edge of the entertainment industry. Priding themselves on constant innovation which is backed by a hefty list of awards throughout the years.

“We couldn’t come up with a better new client if we tried! LAI is a perfect fit for us, rounding out our roster of top redemption arcade games from our sister company, Bay Tek, to provide a one stop shop for everything boardwalk, carnival, and family entertainment center.”-  Morgan Ward, Licensing Director.

LAI has produced famous titles such as Stacker, Let’s Bounce, Speed of Light, Hyper Pitch, and Hyper Shoot, and many more. If you would like to see their entire collection of games, be sure to check out their website.

Stay tuned because we already have some exciting projects in the works!

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