To keep it light and fluffy this month we want to share our Top 10 Favorite Holiday Brands

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Happy HolIDAYS!

The holidays are a time for getting together with family and friends – expressing gratitude, quality time, food, and more food. In the spirit of this holiday, we want to thank all of our friends, connections, acquaintances, and anyone reading this- thank you for being a part of our community and safe travels this holiday season!

our Top 10 Favorite holiday Brands


  • Butterball Turkey

In my opinion, we do not see enough butterball-licensed products. This iconic and funny named brand is without question our top thanksgiving brand, though frequently appearing on tables at family gatherings year round.

  • Betty Crocker

Is it even an event if Betty isn’t there? This historic corporate brand turned 100 this year. The iconic fictitious matriarch that we all know and love. What is great about Betty Crocker and many of the following brands is the relevancy during every holiday season.

  • Pillsbury

Much like Betty, Pillsbury is relevant all year round, and for good reason. Like many of its cohorts on this list, the corporate brand of Pillsbury is a licensing powerhouse.

  • Jell-O

there is no introduction needed for Jell-O. Similar to the previous two this is a brand that is relevant all year round. Just like Pillsbury, Jell-O is also a licensing champion.


  • Cool-Whip


Not to be confused with Miracle Whip especially on your deserts. Cool Whip is the sidekick to every great meal. Although it is never the main course Cool Whip can make any dish the most memorable. Although it isn’t as big of a licensing power as some of the others on this list, Cool Whip is without question one of the top holiday brands.

  • Stove Top

Stove Top albeit does not have a very strong licensing program (yet?), though very few Thanksgivings, or festive turkeys, go without it.

  • Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray has coasted its way into mainstream popularity with TikToker Dogg Face ( Although it was already an iconic brand, its recent popularity has allowed it to become more multi-generational than ever.

  • French’s Fried Onions

French’s Fried Onions has joined this list because what is a green bean casserole without Crispy Fried Onions?

  • Manischewitz

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And what holiday season is complete without Manischewitz? From the comfort of homemade matzo ball soup and borscht to the kosher wine we loved as kids but have probably replaced with something more flavorful to the adult palate (and from Napa).

  • King’s Hawaiian Dinner Rolls


Last but not least King’s Hawaiian Rolls. This could be controversial for some depending on your bread preference. This brand however has become increasingly popular over the years. Securing a spot on this list and at my family’s holiday celebrations for many years.



We always love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of this list? Who would you trade out and why?

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