Daily Archive: October 29, 2021

Pyramid International to Launch Tasty Peach in Europe; Add Categories to US Collection

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) and Bits + Pixels are thrilled to announce the addition of Pyramid International as a Tasty Peach licensee for Europe and the United States. The deal marks the official global expansion kick-off, with categories including apparel, homewares, apparel, and stationery scheduled to launch in Europe as early as Q4 this year. In addition, they will be adding onto the current product mix in the United States with wall art and doormats. Originally founded in 2007, Tasty […] Read More

Spooky Marketing Tactics and Tech

There have been some amazing technological developments celebrated by everyone over the last few years. On the flip side, there are some cutting-edge technologies being implemented today that we don’t hear about (probably intentionally). In honor of spooky season, I’m going to share with you some not-so-well-known creepy tactics of marketing. We have all experienced a moment of “WTF” when an advertisement for a product you talked about earlier that day shows up as you scroll through your phone. That […] Read More

The Horror: Clauses from Non-Negotiable Agreements

Once upon a time I was a newbie to the world of licensing. My eyes had just barely started to open to the wonders of agreements. Along the way I had signed away rights I probably should have held onto, knowingly or unknowingly. Though I had always read agreements, I rarely thought about negotiating the terms. In fact, I generally believed I was not in a position to negotiate them  until I started my licensing career. And there I was, […] Read More