Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) is excited to announce a new licensing agreement between LAI and Bay Tek Entertainment to bring Skee-Ball into the world of VR.

Created in 1908, Skee-Ball® is the one and only original alley roller brand, manufactured by Bay Tek Entertainment. The brand stands for authenticity, camaraderie, and simplicity and loves bringing people together. Skee-Ball’s growing licensee roster includes East Point Sports, Trau & Loevner, Buffalo Games, Super Impulse, Basic Fun, Alchemy 3, Ocean Media, Running Press, and Gameco.

Titled ‘Arcade Legend,’ this VR game allows players to equip and play within a virtual arcade they will run, placing a selection of re-created LAI Games ticket redemption games within a virtual space, and including virtual re-creations of games ‘Skee-Ball’, plus ‘HYPERshoot’, ‘Speed of Light’, and ‘Stacker’. The game supports a multi-player feature to allow up-to-four players to take part at the same time, along with the ability to compete on global leader-boards, while the virtual arcade the player creates will be populated by Non-Player Characters (NPC), with numbers attending based on its effective layout and “reputation”, a metric of achievements in managing the arcade. The game is about to make its debut as a demo at Steam Next Fest in June and will be released on SteamVR in the coming months.

Bay Tek Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and operated business that is driven to provide fun and profit through innovative entertainment products and services. The company purchased Skee-Ball, Inc. in 2016 becoming the rights owner for the Skee-Ball brand.

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) is a brand extension agency focusing on brand licensing and business development, bringing unique, fun properties to life with entertainment, toys, games, and a wide variety of merchandise geared to please core audiences and new fans alike.

LAI Games, a subsidiary of Helix Leisure, has been a leader in the interactive entertainment and game industry for over 60 years. The company develops, manufactures, and sells coin and card operated virtual reality, prize merchandising, video and ticket redemption games, photo booths and novelties. LAI Games is dedicated to bringing innovative and high income-producing games to the global market.

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