The energy at this year’s Licensing Expo was nothing short of incredible! Debuting a new client and revamping our booth to feature a fresh apparel collection were definite highlights. Throughout our conversations with manufacturers and licensees, we noticed a strong emphasis on retro gaming and brands inspired by childhood favorites. While this has been a trend for several years, the revival of older brands following successful licensing and marketing plans was particularly evident this year.

Our main focus at the show was to showcase Sad Nuggie and secure licensees for 2025, while also reinvigorating the energy around our various brands, specifically Pop-A-Shot, Skee-Ball, and Bay Tek Entertainment. Sad Nuggie was a hit among licensees and retailers, setting the stage for some amazing partnerships (stay tuned). It turns out the licensing industry is full of people who can relate to a crying chicken nugget, and by day three of the Expo, I was relating heavily.

We’ve been noticing more and more unique partnerships popping up. Brands are teaming up in ways you wouldn’t expect, creating cool, unexpected products that really grab people’s attention. These creative collaborations are opening up new opportunities and showing just how far brand licensing can go. Some of our favorite partnerships were highlighted at the Licensing International Excellence Awards, like Shrek x Airbnb and Dalstrong x Batman.

At Dimensional Branding Group, we’re always working hard to be the go-to agency for arcade and entertainment. We like to joke that we’re just two nerds representing nerd-culture brands. This year’s interest in nostalgic properties showed us how much effort we need to put into these brands and how we can better support our licensors. The energy this year was off the charts, and we’re super excited to see what next year brings!