In collaboration with ArcadeXR, Bay Tek Entertainment continues to extend its reach to the virtual reality (VR) space through Arcade Legend. Within the past year, Arcade Legend successfully launched two DLC packs dedicated to Bay Tek Entertainment games. The first featured Skee-Ball, including the classic Skee-ball along with two additional modern versions. The second DLC pack included arcade staples, Sink It, Quik Drop, and Big Bass Wheel

We are thrilled to announce that Arcade Legend rolled out the highly anticipated Bay Tek DLC #2. This latest expansion brings three exciting games to the virtual arcade: Spin-N-Win, Axe Master, and Grand Piano Keys. Initial feedback on these new additions has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are exploring more games that would be a good fit for the VR experience.

Bringing the nostalgic charm of physical arcade games into the comfort of your own home, this DLC pack marks a significant milestone in the evolution of gaming for Bay Tek Entertainment, we are incredibly excited to see these games performing so well in this new format.

We’re especially grateful to the dedicated team at ArcadeXR for their support and expertise in bringing this project to fruition. Their commitment to staying true to the original gameplay has made it a seamless transition from physical to virtual gaming.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned arcade enthusiast or an inquiring novice, immerse yourself in the stimulating realm of Arcade Legend. Let the games begin!