Monthly Archive: February 2024

Bay Tek Entertainment Levels Up with Arcade Legend

In collaboration with ArcadeXR, Bay Tek Entertainment continues to extend its reach to the virtual reality (VR) space through Arcade Legend. Within the past year, Arcade Legend successfully launched two DLC packs dedicated to Bay Tek Entertainment games. The first featured Skee-Ball, including the classic Skee-ball along with two additional modern versions. The second DLC pack included arcade staples, Sink It, Quik Drop, and Big Bass Wheel We are thrilled to announce that Arcade Legend rolled out the highly anticipated […] Read More

Introducing: Sad Nuggie

We are thrilled to announce our newest client, Sad Nuggie! Meet Sad Nuggie. Sad Nuggie is the beloved chicken nugget that brings smiles and laughter to people around the globe through comics, memes, and exclusive products. Known for his relatable personality and adaptability, Nuggie may be stressed and a little depressed, but that doesn’t keep him from trying his best and making others smile! Founded in August of 2022, Sad Nuggie has rapidly built a strong social media presence, amassing […] Read More

Beyond Deals: Crafting Transformative Relationships in Brand Licensing

It’s coming up on two years since I joined the world of brand licensing. Coming from a background rooted in non-profit and political work, the transition into this dynamic industry presented its own set of challenges and opportunities. Thankfully, my experiences in navigating those not-so-fun conversations, negotiating various terms, and advocating passionately for causes have undoubtedly shaped my approach to building relationships in driving collaborations. A majority of my pop-undergraduate career was during the pandemic learning to navigate those “uncertain […] Read More