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King Kong of Skull Island adds Dynamite Entertainment as Games & Comics Licensee

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) and World Builder Entertainment are excited to announce a deal between DeVito Artworks and Dynamite Entertainment to bring a new line of King Kong comics and board games to fans worldwide. For over two decades, King Kong creator Merian C. Cooper and DeVito Artworks’ KING KONG OF SKULL ISLAND property has offered the most comprehensive King Kong Universe ever created. More than just the first giant monster to thrill audiences all around the world, Kong became […] Read More

Andrew Neerdaels Joins Dimensional Branding Group, A Village Company 

Dimensional Branding Group is excited to announce the latest addition to their team, Andrew Neerdaels, Licensing Coordinator. A recent graduate of University of Minnesota Duluth, Andrew joins with three years of experience in digital marketing and sales. Prior to that, he spent 4 years as a production assistant at Launch Photography, Film and Video Inc.   Andrew started at the Village Companies one year ago, working with sister companies Maverick, Coex, and MCL providing business development and marketing support.   Morgan Ward, Licensing Director, says “We’re absolutely thrilled to […] Read More

It’s Who You Know: Women In Licensing featuring Anita Castellar

I amazes me how many people in licensing I have met at licensing events without ever having our paths cross in terms of deal making. This might be one of the greatest things about licensing to me. We all know each other. We’re always looking for ways to work together. Anita Castellar is one of those people for me. One day, I hope we will get to do a deal together or work on something collaboratively. In the meantime, I […] Read More

Tasty Peach Partners with Kit Watson for Necronomicorns Graphic Novella Series

Dimensional Branding Group is pleased to announce that Tasty Peach Studios has brought in Kit Watson as writing partner to launch the Necronomicorns universe in a series of graphic novellas. A complement to Tasty Peach, Necrononicorns is a universe in which some days are not so magical; some days simply suck. The Necronomicorns universe is a space in which all can simply be themselves, embrace their own darkness – wrapping up their rage in love and acceptance. Ryan Zanfei “ […] Read More

Leadership is a State of Mind

We have all been exposed to great leaders, good leaders, poor leaders and even terrible leaders.  It is easy to judge how others behave, react and lead people in and outside of work environments, especially those who have titles or positions that imply leadership. We can get caught up in hierarchy, chain of command, and titles. We are all guilty of spending too much energy on being frustrated with our “leaders”.  Whether it’s someone on an executive team at work, […] Read More

Bringing Brands to Life

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with brands and the experiences they represented, whether it was the woman falling backwards into a pool of water in the Nestea Plunge ad or any of the powerful looking women in fashion ads. As I grew older, though I recognized that the power of brands wasn’t always a good thing, I did note that as a consumer, I was drawn to them, and wanted to step into their world. Licensing […] Read More

Bringing Skee-Ball to VR with LAI

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) is excited to announce a new licensing agreement between LAI and Bay Tek Entertainment to bring Skee-Ball into the world of VR. Created in 1908, Skee-Ball® is the one and only original alley roller brand, manufactured by Bay Tek Entertainment. The brand stands for authenticity, camaraderie, and simplicity and loves bringing people together. Skee-Ball’s growing licensee roster includes East Point Sports, Trau & Loevner, Buffalo Games, Super Impulse, Basic Fun, Alchemy 3, Ocean Media, Running Press, […] Read More

Did Someone Say Cookies? Tasty Peach & LNA Designs Enter Into Cookie Cutter Agreement

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) is excited to announce a new Tasty Peach licensee, who will create and sell cookie cutters on Etsy and their own website. Originally founded in 2007, Tasty Peach is making a hard world a little softer, with a universe of adorable kawaii style characters and a story of inclusivity. Tasty Peach has grown through grassroots marketing across social media, maker platforms, and fan conventions. Originally launched at retail in Hot Topic, Piq, and independent comic and […] Read More

It’s Who You Know: Women In Licensing featuring Denise Gomez

Kicking off this new series of articles, one of the first women who came to mind for me was Denise Gomez. Even though our careers barely intersected, our interactions have been memorable. And, of course, she has brought some amazing programs to market across a handful of powerful licensors: National Hockey League, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. How did you find your way into licensing? Given my huge love of entertainment, I was lucky to land an entry-level role in the […] Read More

It’s Not Just About the $$

Not all licensing deals are done for the financial reward.  What!? Yes, that is correct. There are plenty of deals that can and should be done to help expose your brand, increasing its perceived value and longevity. Such deals may increase revenue in your core business, and frequently lead to incremental increases in revenue across your licensed products portfolio. An extremely important benefit of licensing your brand is the increase in market value you get with minimal risk attached to […] Read More