Daily Archive: August 24, 2021

It’s Who You Know: Women In Licensing featuring Deena Boykin

One of the first top level executives I remember meeting in the licensing world was Deena Boykin. It was probably the second time I had visited New York in my first licensing role at Mighty Fine. Though I can’t recall what property we were going after, it was my first time visiting Cartoon Network onsite and meeting with their team. When Deena joined our meeting, I felt honored to be in her presence. She was everything I aspired to be. […] Read More

King Kong of Skull Island adds Dynamite Entertainment as Games & Comics Licensee

Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) and World Builder Entertainment are excited to announce a deal between DeVito Artworks and Dynamite Entertainment to bring a new line of King Kong comics and board games to fans worldwide. For over two decades, King Kong creator Merian C. Cooper and DeVito Artworks’ KING KONG OF SKULL ISLAND property has offered the most comprehensive King Kong Universe ever created. More than just the first giant monster to thrill audiences all around the world, Kong became […] Read More