NFTNT to Create NFT Trading Cards for King Kong of Skull Island

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Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) and World Builder Entertainment are excited to announce a deal between DeVito Artworks and NFTNT, a Webbed Sphere brand, to bring digital trading card NFT’s to the Wax platform.

For over two decades, King Kong creator Merian C. Cooper and DeVito Artworks’ KING KONG OF SKULL ISLAND property has offered the most comprehensive King Kong Universe ever created. More than just the first giant monster to thrill audiences around the world, Kong became an instant cultural icon, indelibly climbing his way into the planet’s collective consciousness.

“DeVito Artworks is thrilled to be joining forces with Webbed Sphere. The synergy between us was immediate. Mike Broughton’s expansive vision for Troll and Toad is on the cutting edge. If ever there was an exciting fit for the rapidly expanding universe of NFT trading cards and more, it is the universe of King Kong of Skull Island!” – Joe DeVito, President DeVito Artworks, LLC

“King Kong of Skull Island is the ultimate launch partner for NFTNT. The trading card industry is changing and Troll and Toad is smashing onto the scene to tell some of Kong’s most exciting stories. Everything about it feels right. Essentially, entering the NFT market with Joe Devito and his team has felt predestined since the process began.”  – Mike Broughton, NFTNT President

“We’re very excited by the opportunity to launch NFT trading cards for King Kong of Skull Island with a partner who completely understands the story and is passionate about the artwork. The fact that this gamified trading experience will be launching on Wax, the only carbon neutral NFT platform means that we’re able to feel good about every aspect of this collection.” Morgan Ward, Licensing Director, DBG.

NFTNT is Webbed Sphere’s newest brand; a NFT digital trading card company. Webbed Sphere Inc. is a brand management and holding company for online retailer Troll and Toad, toy and game brands; Toy Vault, Golden Groundhog and Flying Buffalo; home decor brands Darware, Decorae, AuldHome and Cornucopia Brands; food specialty brands Ol’ Uncle Porkers and Solstice Tea Traders, among others! Webbed Sphere is passionate about identifying opportunities and connecting visionaries with the tools they need to succeed.

Founded in 2002, DeVito ArtWorks, LLC is an artist-driven transmedia studio dedicated to the creation and development of multi-faceted properties including King Kong of Skull Island, War Eagles, and the Primordials. DeVito ArtWorks is founded and led by renowned artist, illustrator and author, Joe DeVito.

DBG is a brand extension agency focusing on brand licensing, strategy, and execution, bringing unique, fun properties to life with entertainment, toys, games, and a wide variety of merchandise geared to please core audiences and new fans alike.

World Builder Entertainment is a literary based management/ production company that represents talented creators worldwide while specializing in building multimedia platforms for entertainment properties. The Los Angeles based company not only represents a variety of writers and directors in both film and television, but brands including the DeVito Artworks/ Merian C. Cooper KING KONG SKULL ISLAND property and Dam Things (GOOD LUCK TROLLS).

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