Tasty Peach Partners with Kit Watson for Necronomicorns Graphic Novella Series

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Dimensional Branding Group is pleased to announce that Tasty Peach Studios has brought in Kit Watson as writing partner to launch the Necronomicorns universe in a series of graphic novellas.

A complement to Tasty Peach, Necrononicorns is a universe in which some days are not so magical; some days simply suck. The Necronomicorns universe is a space in which all can simply be themselves, embrace their own darkness – wrapping up their rage in love and acceptance.

Ryan Zanfei “ I am very excited to get to explore these characters more through this partnership! I wanted to create something that encompass the challenges in life, from mental health and sexuality to anxiety and facing failure. Not every day is rainbows and gumdrops and through Necronomicorns I hope to show others that its ok to feel that way!”

Necronomicorns the graphic novella brings us the story of Lillith, vampicorn and heir to the Necronomicorn realm, and her obsession with all things human. The Necronomicorns have been locked in the Fae realm for millennia, trapped far away from the humans they once both loved and went to war against. A young Necronomicorn, Lillith struggles between becoming a good unicorn leader her people, and her desire to do nothing but read all day, hiding in a world of books and human mythology. With the help of her friends in and around the city of Necropolis, Lillith will learn lessons of self-acceptance, resilience, and bravery as she begins to unravel the secrets of the human world being the Veil, and how she might reunite the two worlds once again.

Treavor Hodgson looks forward to launching this new property, ” Leading with a story as well as artwork and products is exciting. When we started Tasty Peach we led with what we knew at that time, conventions. We believe that this approach, with a story that fills a genuine consumer need, will lead to earlier adoption at market that we can feel very good about.”

Kit Watson “Lillith’s story resonates with me deeply, and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this project. Lillith and her friends are going to take us on a great adventure and discover more about themselves in the process, and help us know and accept ourselves better too.”

“This fills a huge gap that is currently at market by providing a space for conversations around mental health, sexuality, and gender in a way that isn’t being done. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the team bringing Necronomicorns to market,” Morgan Ward, Dimensional Branding Group.

Kit Watson is an internationally best-selling author of over one hundred fiction books, under a variety of clever pseudonyms that prevent her parents from reading them. She has been an Amazon Top 100 author, has lectured at universities and colleges on the topic of social marketing on two continents, and has tour-managed bands in Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, and Japan. She really loves cats, spent a summer working as a mechanic on 18 wheelers, and once helped stop a war in Latin America.

Originally founded in 2007, Tasty Peach Studios started off with their universe of adorable kawaii style characters and a story of inclusivity with Tasty Peach. Geared toward an older audience, the universe of Necronomicorns is a safe space in which all can share their authentic selves and embrace their darkness.

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