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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 24, 2013 – Dimensional Branding Group (DBG), the exclusive licensing and promotion agency for both the Skee-Ball® and Hatch brands announced today that both brand apps achieved the number one ranking on Apple’s IOS platform simultaneously on launch day, a very rare occurrence for any IP or agency. The Skee-Ball ArcadeTM app, is the only officially licensed Skee-Ball® free game app for iOS and Android devices. The Hatch paid app is the first living pet for iPhones and is a 24/7 friend. Both apps have maintained their number position.

Skee-Ball Arcade™ lets players roll the ball with the flick of a finger, tilt the device to control the roll and use power-ups to slow time, launch multiple balls, perfect their aim and more. Launching with five unique machines and play patterns, including Skee-Ball Classic, Galaxy, Basketball, Candy and Pinball, a new machine will be released for Skee-Ball Arcade™ each month. Each machine comes with a unique set of power-ups.

With the Hatch app you begin by “hatching” your own Fugu, a tiny creature that thrives with attention and fresh fruit, and loves you very much. Fugu’s come in a variety of colors, plug in your phone to charge it and your Fugu will catch some zzzz’s, and they thrive on love and build trust in you. Hatch is not a game but a pet that builds a relationship with you.

“Skee-Ball is the bestselling cross-generational arcade brand app in the world,” says Larry Seidman, CEO of DBG. “Skee-Ball Arcade™ puts a modern, social twist on it by giving players the chance to test their Skee-Ball skills against competitors anytime, anywhere”.  “The Hatch app is reimagining the interaction between a digital character and mobile game fan”.

Skee-Ball Arcade is available for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store at the following links:

iTunes App Store

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Assets, including screenshots, logos and the official game trailer, can be downloaded here:

Hatch is available at the App Store on both iPhone & iPod.

About Skee-Ball®: Invented in 1909 by J.D. Estes in Philadelphia, Skee-Ball, the grandfather of all redemption games, is an icon of amusement parks, arcades and boardwalks across the nation and throughout the world. Under the almost 30 year ownership of Joseph Sladek and his family, Skee-Ball has spawned new and innovative redemption games, like Super 21, Big Crane One and Super Shot Basketball. The original Skee-Ball game has even become a competitive and social sport, played in bars in North America. For more information, go to

About Hatch: Hatch is the latest collaboration between Impending Inc. and Realmac Software. The two app studios last teamed up on Clear, the productivity app that reimagined the way we keep todo lists.

About Dimensional Branding Group, LLC:  The San Francisco Bay Area based brand extension agency that focuses on brand licensing and promotion services with a unique emphasis on the interactive & digital channels. DBG develops iconic brands & digital trademarks into entertainment placement and new extension markets. Its clients include PlayStation, (including game titles such as God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet among others), Temple Run, Jenga, Skee-Ball, Chronicle Books, Urban Dictionary, Miniclip & Bob’s Space Racers. For more information, please visit

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