Larry Seidman’s career journey with DBG which he founded twenty years ago, ended in the spring of this very challenging year. He has begun a new chapter of his career and life.
We learned a lot from him over the years and have distilled this into the following Top Ten Larryisms:
  1. Be positive. The glass is always half full. Or, leave it half full for later. Except later never comes and dinner’s over and you’ve already paid for that half full drink left by Larry’s plate.
  2. Conversations matter and should always go that fifteen minutes longer.
  3. Be a good listener.
  4. Have fun!
  5. Be a fan and represent: wear your 49ers gear to Green Bay, bring Godzilla to your King Kong meeting. But always, be your client’s number one fan.
  6. Be the salad dressing of your organization. Collaboration is key.
  7. Play. And when you do, play Whac-A-Mole, Skee-Ball, Talking Tom, Pop-A-Shot…
  8. Be curious and adaptable.
  9. Be persistent. One day, Talking Tom will have his day.
  10. Never burn a bridge. If you are friends with Larry, you are friends for life.
We already miss Larry, but are happy to know we’ll be seeing plenty of him.
He is launching Seidman Advisory Group to help companies maximize their brand/IP potential through his years of experience and engaged industry relationships. He is also an artist and plans to further develop his talents in the year to come. Not sure when the opening will be, but here’s his email:

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