Bay Tek Games Acquires Boutique Licensing and Branding Firm Dimensional Branding Group

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PULASKI, WISCONSIN, December 7, 2017 – New Acquisition is a Critical Next Step in Bay Tek’s Broad-Based Strategic Evolution to Multi-Platform Entertainment Company.

Bay Tek Games (BTG) has acquired the San Francisco Bay Area based boutique licensing and branding firm Dimensional Branding Group (DBG). The acquisition is a significant step in Bay Tek’s  broad-based strategic evolution from designer and manufacturer of amusement games to a multi-platform entertainment company. DBG, which is well positioned in entertainment, interactive and digital brand channels, has extensive experience and expertise within the toy, publishing, corporate and game environments. Both companies are expected to benefit through economies of scale and from the combined  marketing, creative services and infrastructure resources and efficiencies resulting from  the agreement.

DBG was formed in 2000 by Larry Seidman. Together with partner, John Leonhardt, DBG has achieved significant growth in both domestic and international licensing markets. The agency focuses on licensing out, in and consulting services for a unique collection of high profile and developing brands by helping and expanding each client into entertainment placement and new brand extension opportunities.

Some of DBG’s past and current clients include: Whac-A-Mole, Skee-Ball, Jenga, Sony PlayStation, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Miniclip (8 Ball Pool, & Bowmasters), Chronicle Books, King Kong, Talking Tom, Big Wheel, Jam City (Cookie Jam, Panda Jam), Malibu, Beautyrest, John Wayne and Marlon Brando among others.

“We could not be more excited to be integrated into the outstanding team that is developing Bay Tek’s new IP for future games, its ambitious long term marketing and licensing strategic vision, and continuing to build upon its flagship brand, Skee-Ball,” said Larry Seidman, CEO, Dimensional Branding Group, “This new relationship with Bay Tek Games enables also DBG to significantly expand its agency footprint, business development services, licensing sales and overall marketing efforts. We intend to fully leverage Bay Tek’s excellent manufacturing capabilities, its talented team of creative and business professionals and its proven business expertise.”

“With DBG now in house, we will be able to greatly expand DBG’s customer base and servicing capabilities,” said Larry Treankler, Bay Tek’s Chairman.  “In addition, the expertise of the DBG team will be of tremendous value as we create new brands, products and content and extend our company’s reach to a broader range of markets and users. It’s a 1 + 1 = 3 partnership that makes total sense.”

Dimensional Branding Group will become a division of Bay Tek Games, which is part of a collective group of companies referred to as the Village, these eight synergistic companies that have common ownership and represent three different fields of expertise: innovation, manufacturing and community involvement. DBG will continue to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Dimensional Branding Group, LLC
The San Francisco Bay Area based brand extension agency that focuses on brand licensing, business development and promotion services with a unique emphasis on the interactive & digital channels. DBG specializes in developing toys & games, iconic brands & digital trademarks into entertainment placement and new extension markets. DBG’s clients include Miniclip (8 Ball Pool, & Bowmasters), Temple Run, Skee-Ball, Chronicle Books, King Kong, Talking Tom, Jam City (Cookie Jam, Panda Jam), Malibu, John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Bay Tek Games among others.

About Bay Tek Games, Inc.
Bay Tek Games is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of arcade redemption games for the amusement industry and has evolved into a multi-platform entertainment company. Established in 1977, Bay Tek is based out of Pulaski, Wisconsin. With valued customer input and a team of vested developers Bay Tek Games puts passion into every single game and brand they create.

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