One of the reasons we love working with Tasty Peach is the way in which they have built a meaningful fan community both online and off.
The following is fan Matcha’s experience:
Tasty Peach Studios came into my life at the right time. I first heard about TPS through an advertisement of the zombie alpacas on Tumblr. I became even more curious after I saw an unboxing video from Jayneewastaken on YouTube.
I was in a dark place at the time and I felt that I had nowhere to turn. I was close to quitting art. I got more involved with being on Patreon when it started and then when Riss (Ryan Zanfei) began her Twitch journey in 2017, I wanted to be a part of that experience as well. Her realness, her optimism, and outlook drew me in instantly. 

Now I look forward to watching streams every Thursday-Saturday at 2PM EST, moderating and supporting from the chat. I didn’t know how much TPS would mean to me until I received my first Meowchi. 
This brand has inspired me to push myself as a creator. The plush made me smile when I was at my absolute lowest with my health struggles. The love from the twitch community never ceases to surprise me. Tasty Peach Studios has made me feel validated. I am reminded time and time again that anything is possible when you work towards your dreams, and I put my tablet pen to my canvas.
Even in bleak and uncertain times, the overwhelming amount of love from everyone has made it possible for me to keep on going. I’ll never stop supporting this wonderful brand and the wonderful artist behind it. I’m so thankful to have TPS be apart of my own journey and I hope TPS motivates other creators to be the best that they can be too.

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