Why Licensing Matters – Creating a Sense of Community & Belonging

Posted on October 16, 2020 by
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One of the reasons I got into licensing was to gain a better understanding of the relationship between brands and people. Along the way, while I have seen plenty of trends come and go, one of the constants throughout my career has been that people buy licensed goods because it gives them a sense of belonging. I have seen this in so many areas of my own life, as well as through others:

    • The genuine excitement displayed between fans of the same characters cosplayed at conventions.
    • The vast number of personal connections I have made through my love of Skee-Ball, Doc Martens, and an internet cat celebrity named Kevin, a.k.a. The Nervous Provolone.
    • That intense feeling in the air at a concert performed by your favorite band when everyone sings along or claps in unison to the beat.
And right now, community is what we need. Through online watch parties, social media fan groups, zoom conversations about new shows on Netflix or the most recent 49ers game, we are able to maintain and even create new connections beyond our closest circle of friends – showing off that Hello Kitty plush, Packers tee shirt, or Star Wars background on that video chat.  We know who our people are. We recognize them by the brand or character on their face mask. And bringing such products to market is what brings me both joy and hope. No matter how divided this country may be, how isolated we may be in our daily lives, we have our communities and we know how to find them.

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