Brand Overview:

For as long as time existed the Necronomicorns and Humans co-existed. Beneficial on both sides, the Necronomicorns provided the world with all types of magic, and the humans specialized in technology. Over time though, the humans sought for more control of their world.

The Necronomicorns fought for a pure and natural Earth ;nature, balance, and energy. The humans fought for an advanced world; research, technology, and power. Their differences boiled over into war, and the Necronomicorns were forced to retreat into a separated dimensional plane they created on the planet.

Welcome to the world of Necronomicorns. a safe space in which all can share their authentic selves and embrace their darkness, for less than magical days.

Property Highlights:

  • A new universe of characters created by Tasty Peach Studios that welcomes all of your darkest stories and messiest emotions.
  • Dark, yet cute and relatable characters¬† from Lilith the Vampire Unicorn to Skai the Frost Giant Unicorn.
  • An inclusive world – no matter where your mental health, gender, and/or sexuality are on the spectrum, Necronomicorns offer a safe space for you.

Brand Attributes:

  • Courageous: unafraid to speak up for what is right.
  • Feisty: lively, determined, spirited and spunky.
  • Empathetic: willing and able to hold space for others.
  • Rough around the edges: a bundle of rage wrapped up in love.
  • Hard boundaries around a safe, soft core: “No is a sentence.”

Target Market:

  • Mental health champions 13-30+
  • Brave people who come to fight against a world who will not accept them or others as they are, such as Human Rights Campaign, Black Lives Matter, 13-30+
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community 13-30+

Categories Available: