We have turned the page on 2020 and are celebrating a new year, a fresh start. It is the time of year we reflect and regroup; we create personal resolutions and set professional goals. Have you considered evaluating your licensing strategy as part of your new year kick off? Take time to make sure you are a great licensing partner. We suggest you conduct a quick assessment.

  1. How strong is your Brand Essence (brand attributes, voice, story, values, etc.), is it easy to explain and understand? 
    1. Strong, do not need much explaining                                    
    2. Average, takes a little work
    3. Weak, we don’t have a good foundation
  2. Do you have metrics to measure your brand, like Q-score, social media followers, etc.? 
    1. Yes, the brand is solid
    2. Yes, but needs improvement
    3. No, we do not have anything
  3. How fast are you at providing feedback or approvals to licensees? 
    1. We pride ourselves on < 3-day response            
    2. We try to get back in a week or so                                         
    3. We are spread thin and need help
  4. How are you performing on all of your digital platforms, including website, social, e-news, etc.? 
    1. Solid digital strategy, content is king, great traffic
    2. Regularly posts w/o a strong strategy, great site  
    3. Ad hoc social, website could be updated
  5. Are you proud of your infringement efforts? Are you using tools like RedPoints or BrandShield? 
    1. We are on top of this and use tools                                      
    2. We are happy but could always improve
    3. We don’t manage this well at all
  6. When is the last time you updated your style guide? 
    1. Part of our annual strategy to review
    2. It’s been a few years but its good
    3. Not since we first completed it
  7. Do you understand your primary and secondary brand heroes? 
    1. Completely and even have ambassadors                             
    2. At a high level, could use work
    3. Doesn’t everyone love my brand
  8. How strong is your asset kit?  Is it organized and do you have plenty of files in the correct formats to choose from?  
    1. Well organized, plenty of assets to choose from
    2. Good assets could be better organized
    3. We have our logos to share
  9. Does your brand strategy include special events like anniversaries other notable celebrations? 
    1. Yes, we are actively planning years in advance
    2. We plan and celebrate major milestones  
    3. Have not really thought about this
  10. Do you have a strong grasp where your brand performs best- regionally, domestically, by country? 
    1. We regularly breakdown sales by region/channel
    2. We have a basic idea, but don’t break it down
    3. We know our sales volume

Well, how did you do? 

For every a, give yourself 3 points, for every b, 2 points, and for every c, 1 point.

  • 25-30 You are a licensee’s dream come true, keep it up! 
  • 15-24 Great job, pick a few areas to work on this year! 
  • 10-14 Looks like you could use some help.

Don’t know where to start?  Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to give you a few pointers: 

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