Monthly Archive: April 2021

Skee-Ball’s Hometown Honors the Brand

In 2016, Bay Tek purchased Skee-Ball, Inc and moved the manufacturing of Skee-Ball lanes from the East Coast to the heart of the Midwest in Pulaski, Wisconsin, home of Bay Tek Entertainment.  The pride this small town has as home of Bay Tek and the renowned Skee-Ball brand was elevated on Friday April 16, 2021 when The Village of Pulaski Board of Directors and Village President, Reed Woodward unanimously approved a proclamation to change the town’s name from Pulaski to […] Read More

Introducing ZU Tiles

A brand new game brought to you by ZU Studios, headed by Josh Bakken, ZU Tiles: Hime is a strategic tile placement game based loosely on the creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. Players choose a creature (or creatures) to build customized decks around in order to out think and out play their opponent(s). Players earn points by creating patterns of “compatible squares” using creatures or by battling and capturing opposing creatures. The first player to 12 points wins! Think Collectable Card Game […] Read More

Introducing Cryptid Cafe

Introducing our newest client, Squatchy Games! Designed by a father son duo, Cryptid Cafe is a light strategy game that introduces you to the vast world of cryptids from all around the world – the cultures and countries from which they came. A short description of the game: You are a lead server at the Cryptid Cafe, a Sasquatch-owned restaurant packed with legendary creatures from all over the world. Gather food. Fill orders. Earn the most tips and be crowned, dare we say, […] Read More

For the Love of Brands (and Your Customers)

As a brand building agency, we are often sought out to help people launch their brands. Before we even get started with that, we seek to understand: Who is the consumer? Where do they shop and hang out? Where will they be introduced to your brand? What do they buy? How will they discover your brand? I know, that’s not the 4c’s and 3p’s, but a brand isn’t so much a business or a product, but a story. And when […] Read More