SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 14, 2014 – Dimensional Branding Group (DBG), a San Francisco-based brand extension agency, has been named the exclusive licensing agency for the iconic character KING KONG as part of the property KING KONG of Skull Island, with all rights controlled by DeVito ArtWorks, LLC. Joe DeVito’s KONG: King of Skull Island prequel/sequel has combined with Merian C. Cooper’s KING KONG, the official family property of the creator of the original KING KONG, to form a unique and comprehensive KING KONG universe. This exclusive opportunity represents the most robust portfolio of story and art available for a consumer products licensing program to date.

DBG, working with Dannie Festa of Festa Entertainment, global manager of the rights to the property including television and film, will be overseeing the KING KONG of Skull Island licensing program.

DBG will be looking to use King Kong’s huge awareness to extend the property across a wide range of categories including digital and interactive platforms, unique promotions and innovative consumer products.

“DGB shares our vision on how to bring this iconic and special property to fans around the world and we are thrilled to be working with them,” said Dannie Festa, President of Festa Entertainment.

John Leonhardt, President of DBG says, “ An opportunity to represent a brand like King Kong with the backing of the creator and combing both the story lines and art of Merian C. Cooper and De Vito ArtWorks is rare. We look forward to extend the King Kong brand into new product categories including the vast digital landscape that King Kong has yet to conquer. . It will evolve into new ways for fans of all ages to interact with King Kong.”

About Dimensional Branding Group, LLC: 

The San Francisco Bay Area based brand extension agency that focuses on brand licensing, business development and promotion services with a unique emphasis on the interactive & digital channels. DBG specializes in developing toys & games, iconic brands & digital trademarks into entertainment placement and new extension markets. Its clients include PlayStation, (including game titles such as God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Little Big Planet, among others), Miniclip, Temple Run Jenga, Skee-Ball, Chronicle Books, Miniclip, Temple Run, Larry Gets Lost among others.

About Festa Entertainment

Festa Entertainment is a literary based management/ production company that represents talented individuals and brands worldwide while specializing in building multimedia platforms for entertainment properties. The Los Angeles based company not only represents a variety of writers and directors in both film and television but clients also include Dam Things (GOOD LUCK TROLLS) and Markosia Enterprises, the UK’s largest independent publisher for graphic novels. Dannie Festa is currently the executive producer of TROLLS slated for release in 2016 from DreamWorks Animation.

About DeVito ArtWorks LLC

Joe DeVito, founder of De Vito ArtWorks, has co-written two novels so far, both in collaboration with Brad Strickland. His first published work, KONG: King of Skull Island, draws on a life-long love of storytelling, King Kong, dinosaurs, and adventure. It is a lushly visual prequel/sequel to the King Kong story which he created and illustrated over a period of twelve years. Joe’s credits  and an artist include: Covers for Piers Anthony, Terry Bisson, Robert Bloch, Jonathan Carroll, Robert Heinlein, and Katherine Kurtz; memorable covers, posters and trading cards of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Doc Savage, and Wonder Woman for DC Comics and Fleer; several covers for MAD Magazine; movie posters, concept art for TV shows, toys and more.

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