Keepin’ the Good Times Rollin’: Skee-Ball Inducted Into AAMA Hall of Fame

Posted on May 9, 2023 by
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Skee-Ball, the classic arcade game, has been inducted into the American Amusement Machine Association’s new Amusement Industry Hall of Fame in recognition of its enduring popularity and iconic game play.

As one of the oldest arcade games in today’s market, Skee-Ball was first introduced in 1908 beginning on the Jersey Boardwalk, but quickly became a staple of arcades, amusement parks, and carnivals across the United States. Over the years, Skee-Ball has remained a beloved fixture of the arcade scene, with generations of players drawn to its simple yet enticing gameplay.

The induction of Skee-Ball into the Arcade Hall of Fame is a testament to its continuing appeal and iconic presence as an arcade game. The Amusement Industry Hall of Fame recognizes games that have made a lasting impact on the world of gaming and entertainment, and Skee-Ball certainly fits that description.

Today, Skee-Ball remains a beloved fixture of arcades, with new versions of the game incorporating modern technology, new features and undertaking the digital realm. It has also become a popular addition to home game rooms as Skee-Ball has expanded into consumer markets.

“This honor is a huge testament to the hard work the Skee-Ball team has put into the brand by not only modernizing to appeal to new generations, but also preserving the nostalgia of a game so many of us have grew up with.” Claire Westlund, Licensing Coordinator, Dimensional Branding Group says. “We are incredibly proud to be a part of such an iconic brand and we look forward to continuing the Skee-Ball legacy for generations to come.”

The induction of Skee-Ball into the Arcade Hall of Fame is a fitting praise to a game that has brought joy and entertainment to countless people over the past century.

Congratulations, Skee-Ball!