Tasty Peach

Brand Overview:

Tasty Peach Studios is Ryan Zanfei’s childhood dream. She originally came up with the name at the age of 8 years old but didn’t fully embark upon this journey until 2007. A woman-owned, rapidly expanding brand, Tasty Peach’s characters are on trend, adorable, and impossible not to love. Following the footsteps of Hello Kitty, Tasty Peach has grown through the love of fans and collectors.

Property Highlights:

  • Originally launched on Etsy in 2007, Tasty Peach currently brings in millions of dollars in annual sales across conventions, key retailers, and via their own boutique and website.
  • Represented at 30+ anime conventions per year, Tasty Peach maintains a loyal and growing fan base.
  • Committed to quality and actively marketed online.

Brand Attributes:

  • Happy: joyful, positive, cheerful, delightful 
  • Playful: light-hearted, whimsical, good natured
  • Loving: caring, thoughtful, warm, adorable 
  • Comforting: reassuring, soothing, affirming, heartwarming 

Target Market:

  • Young women ages 8-25
  • Anime fans
  • Cat lovers with discerning taste

Categories Available:

Games, Video Games, Apps, Puzzles, Comics, Calendars, Gaming Chairs, Electronic Accessories