Cryptid Cafe

Brand Overview:

A creation of Chip and Lennon Cole, Cryptid Café is the first game released by Squatchy Games.  Not only did Chip Cole work on the game design, but has provided all of the colorful, attention-grabbing artwork.

It’s the start of your shift and customers are already waiting so jump right in as the lines are getting longer and the food is getting cold! Welcome to the Cryptid Café, where a wide variety of guests with different appetites come to eat. Here you will find wendigos, chupacabras, yetis, sea monsters, and more, each ready and waiting with their order in mind. In Cryptid Cafe, players take on the roles of lead servers and compete to serve the most diners while also earning the most tips by the end of the shift.

Property Highlights:

  • A game of imagination and learning.
  • Fully funded through Kickstarter
  • Coming to consumers this Fall

Brand Attributes:

  • Charming: Charismatic, likeable, fun to hang out with, delightful.
  • Prismatic:  Colorful, bright, artistic, eye-catching.
  • Whimsical:  Eccentric, playful, fantastical, unusual.

Target Market:

  • Cryptid fans worldwide, from the Sasquatch to the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans seeking escape from the ordinary and a community in which to be themselves.
  • Families seeking new and different games to play together.

Categories Available: