Case Studies

BBC: The Secret Show

Origin: British TV show
Success: Animated show launched on Nicktoons
Challenge: Nicktoons is not Nick! British humor is an issue
Learning: Launch platform is key to licensing success


Origin: Console gaming
Success: More than 85 licensing deals in place
Challenge: Interactive titles are perceived to be the new thing
Learning: AAA titles make a difference

Angry Birds

Origin: Mobile phone app game
Success: #1 iPhone app- 1.7 billion downloads
Challenge: Extend brand into established IP for promotion
Learning: Trend relevance and addictive game play create enormous success


Origin: Well-known arcade game
Success: Multiple licensees across major retailers
Challenge: Defining the character in a huge, evolving environment
Learning: Evaluate partners, limit offerings; commit to one model

Big Wheel

Origin: The original ride-on toy
Success: Feature film option with Will Smith
Challenge: Management of product at retail
Learning: Licensor support and attention is critical to success


Origin: Amusement park & arcade game
Success: Well-known brand, strong industry presence
Challenge: Trademark protection was not properly maintained
Learning: Brand matters; protecting it is worth the investment