John Wayne Enterprises

Brand Overview:

An American icon, John Wayne lived a long, colorful life with an amazing career spanning more than 50 years. Best known as a cowboy and patriotic military man, his illustrious success began with Stagecoach and featured such classics as True Grit, The Searchers, and Green Berets.

Property Highlights:

  • Numerous film awards, including the Golden Globe Henrietta Award for World Film Favorites, the Cecil B. DeMille award, and an Oscare for his performance in True Grit
  • Additional awards include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Naval Heritage Award, and the Brass Balls Award from the Harvard Lampoon
  • Several landmarks and locations named in his honor, from John Wayne Airport in Long Beach to the John Wayne Pioneer Trail in Washington

Brand Attributes:

  • Classic Americana; John Wayne is the original Cowboy
  • Patriotic, Masculine
  • Over 2.5 million followers on Facebook, 98 thousand on Instagram

Target Market:

Rugged men (60%) and women (40%) ages 25-64

Categories Available: